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Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQ page contains some of the more frequently asked questions and their answers. We encourage all customers to read through this section before contacting us.

Q. Why is Domain Research Tool so expensive?
A. We've decided to keep the price high for several reasons. One, our development costs were high due to the complexity of the tool. Two, and this is more important, we do not wish to flood the market. We recognize that the only reason our customers are making great money in the domain business is because not everyone is using our powerful tool. It is therefore in our interest, and in the interest of our customers, that we limit sales and therefore limit competition for everyone using our tool.

Q. What will the charge show up as on my credit card statement?
A. All non-PayPal charges will show up as "Lezon Inc." PayPal charges will show up as or ZELCOM.

Q. Can D.R.T. handle large lists of 100,000 domains or more?
A. Yes, Domain Research Tool was designed to handle & manipulate lists of up to 500,000 domains per scan session.

Q. Can I get banned from search engines or directories for performing bulk queries?
A. Yes, but in most cases the bans are temporary lasting anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 minutes. To circumvent these bans simply load in a few proxy servers and you will never get banned. More information on this topic is available in the help file.

Q. How many PCs can I install Domain Research Tool on with my purchased license?
A. You may install D.R.T. on up to two PCs that you own, however you may only use it on one PC at a time. D.R.T. usage is logged and if we feel your software is being used on multiple PCs your license will be terminated as per our license agreement.

Q. What is the best way to use D.R.T. to find typein domains?
A. There are multiple approaches. Please refer to the help file which explains this topic in great detail.

Q. What is the best way to use D.R.T. To find domains with link popularity or search engine rank?
A. There are multiple approaches. Please refer to the help file which explains this topic in great detail.

Q. Does Domain Research Tool monitor the domains I search for? What are the privacy issues?
A. We do not under any circumstances monitor our customers' domain searches. We strongly believe in keeping our customers' information private and will never change that.

Q. Does Domain Research Tool monitor come with any drop lists?
A. Yes, many drop lists are available including expired, expiring, PendingDelete, Registrar-Hold, RedemptionPeriod. Zone files are also available. All lists can be downloaded from within the D.R.T. interface with just two clicks.

Q. Are updates provided free for the life of the product?
A. Updates are provided free for the life of the license or membership. We update the software as often as several times per week to ensure that it is functional and to add new features requested by our customers.

Q. How many users are currently using Domain Research Tool?
A. We do not wish to share this information.

Q. Can I request to have custom features added to D.R.T. That only I can use?
A. Yes, many of our customers have requested this and we are currently open to all customization needs. Customizations (accessible only on particular license) can be ordered for as low as $100. More information here.

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